About the Course

Are you planning to launch your own digital agency? Then join my course to assure your business success. If you follow the right direction, your digital marketing business will definitely be a success. It has the potential to bring millions of profit to you. A course that will teach you the right strategies to make your business dreams a reality. Enroll today

Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to Start Digital Marketing Agency

    • Why you Need to Start Digital Marketing Agency

    • Scope of Digital Marketing Agency

  • 2

    Day 1

    • How to Choose Perfect Business Niche For Your Agency

    • How to Choose Company Name , Logo & Colour

  • 3

    Day 2

    • How to Choose Best Hosting (Server)

    • How to Design Your Website to Turn Visitors into Sales

  • 4

    Day 3

    • How to Setup Payment Gateway to Receive Money From Clients

    • How to Run Agency Without Team

  • 5

    Day 4

    • Skills & Tools Need to Run an Agency

    • How to Set Pricing For Clients

  • 6

    Day 5

    • How to Find Clients

    • How to Work with First Client

  • 7

    Day 6

    • How to sell More Services to Existing Clients

    • How to Build the Right Team

  • 8

    Day 7

    • How Much Salary You Need to Pay for Employs

    • HRMS Software to Manage all the Expenses

    • How to Create And Maintain Profit & Loss Sheet


Veerander Chowdary

Hello, I’m Veerander Chowdary.

Digital Marketer, Sales Trainer & Facebook Ads Expert.
I have 7+ years of experience working in the digital marketing field and I know all ins and outs of the industry. I have conducted 25+ free seminars and sessions to educate digital marketing. So far, I have trained more than 1000+ students who are now achieving success in the field. I am giving free courses on digital marketing because my mission is to reach out to people specially students and guide them that it can be a business and it has a huge potential in coming years in India.

Pricing options

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